Pearls are just as important as ever, and we have found an amazing source: PEARLS OF WISDOM. These can be worn countless ways. Use your imagination, be inspired by the style icon pics above and create a look that is yours alone! Most important have fun with it.

The "Classic" 18 inch is a no brainer and considered conservative. Pearls are no longer worn just one way! Long pearls knotted like a 20's flapper, layered, multi strands, piled on with other necklaces...think...Coco Chanel who made pearls an integral part of her collections, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Jackie Kennedy holding her toddler John John while he tugs at her pearls and Carrie Bradshaw wearing yards of pearls mixed with jewels.

Every woman needs pearls to mix into her repertoire. A good strand of faux pearls is a few hundred dollars. A strand of Chanel faux pearls are 3 times that. I ask you, why wear fakes when you can wear cultured freshwater at the same price?

All this talk about pearls reminds me of a short story by Somerset Maugham called Mr. Know All. I highly recommend this tale about the authenticity of a pearl necklace.

These pearls are all hand knotted on silk thread. The clasps may vary.

Off Round Studs
10 mm Baroque Bracelet
Ringed Egg Pearls
White Egg Pearls on a
5 strand necklace
Baroque Pearl Necklace
Black and White
Combo Necklace
17" Round White Necklace
3 Strand Baroque Necklace
4 Strand Necklace
60" Black, White and Silver Necklace
Double Peanut Necklace
3 Strand Silver Baroque Necklace